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Minecraft Project Stargazer

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StarGazer Project

The Stargazer and Novagazer Minecraft projects

The Stargazer minecraft project was established on November 6, 2012 and was set out to prove out my understanding of how to manage an online minecraft server. The project currently has been up and running for over 7 years and features several regular users in a close knit survival world. I eventually want to have the ability to spool up minecraft servers on demand using docker and AWS on the cloud. While Stargazer is the project name, it is also the name of the original minecraft server. Another server is presently running that runs on a local Linux VM. That minecraft server is called NovaGazer. I also want to have the servers remotely managed using tools created on this site. The challenges of setting up the original Stargazer minecraft server involved
  • Setting up and maintaining an internet domain name with a static IP
  • Creating and maintaining a domain controller and associated infrastructure like a small business would. This includes VM, file and sql servers, a web and email server, and the actual server where the stargazer project would live.
  • Setting up a mail server with mail accounts to handle various email notifications and alerts
  • creating a facebook group as well as a discord channel that keeps customers updated on server status and news
  • Writing maintenence code to check disk space and to back up the minecraft server
  • Learning about (ubuntu) mint linux and creating a linux VM Minecraft server on local hardware.

The next level of development will occur on this page where management functions, FAQS, forums and picture galleries will come together to represent what a special place the world we have made is all about.

The current minecraft servers:


StarGazer is a cooperative survival vanilla server that runs on a local Windows server. It has been runninng the same world for over 5 years. It hosts a cast of regular players from all over the world who get together to build wonderful things. A picture gallery and forum will be added that will showcase our hard work.


The minecraft server NovaGazer is another survival vanilla server. This server runs on a local Linux VM using the default port that is open to the public.