The Tamanaka Collective

Host to the Stargazer and Novagazer Minecraft projects

About us

What is the Tamanaka Collective?

The Tamanaka Collective is a working portfolio of technology based ideas that I find interesting. I turned these ideas into real working models based on my interpretation of how they could work. While the projects may not be related, they show how diverse my interests are. I brought the projects together here at the collective for everyone (or those with the right access) to enjoy.

By coming to this web portal, you are already using one of my newest projects, the TamaPortal. It was written to unify my projects to a single web presense. It will also allow me to add new projects as I expand my knowledge into new areas or reaffirm old ones.

Some of my project actually have people who use them on a daily basis. Other projects are just for my use, or are used to prove out my undertstanding of how something works. I think that having 'customers' really helps in turning your ideas into a reality. When you have someone that is relying on something you produce, you want to keep the customer happy. This can also stimulate more ideas and solidify your understanding of how things work, and helps you expand on your current work in making new features or fixing annoying bugs that creep into your projects. Eventually, as I expand on my knowledge, I hope to move some of these projects to the cloud.

I Invite all of you to look at the projects below and explore some of the ideas I have been working on. While the site presently has a lot of static content, The portal will soon become more dynamic as the projects become integrated into the website. For instance, the site will be used to allow users to interact with projects like Stargazer, Sense, and Observe.