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The Tamanaka Collective is a working portfolio of interesting technology based ideas. These ideas were turned into real working models based on my creative interpretation of how they might work. While the projects may not be related to each other, they do show how diverse my interests are. I brought the projects together here at the collective for everyone (or those with the right access) to enjoy.

I Invite all of you to look at the projects below and explore some of the ideas I have been working on. While the site presently has a lot of static content, The portal will soon become more dynamic as the projects become integrated into the website. For instance, the site will be used to allow users to interact with projects like Stargazer, Sense, and Observe.

The Tamanaka Collective concept, projects and website were all created and written by Aaron Edmonds.

Project Stargazer

A Minecraft project going on for over 5 years that features a cooperative vanilla survival server.



Your donations help keeps the projects you love updated and alive.


Project GreenThumb

Find information about the plants you obtained from the Tamanaka Collective Horticulture services


Project Sense

A series of projects centered around IOT devices that interact with the world around us.


Project Observe

A project that puts proprietary and self-built IOT cloud cameras to work in monitoring interesting things


Other Projects

Other odds and ends